Winter Warmers: Promo Products to keep your brand HOT!

Apr 2018 Winter Warmers: Promo Products to keep your brand HOT!

A primary objective of promotional products is succeeding in placing a promo item into the hands of your customers with the prospect that it will become part of their everyday lives. Maybe the only daily occurrence we can’t avoid is the weather! So, with the temperature dropping and everyone needing to get themselves rugged up for the cold winter months, what better way to position people to use your promotional products and take your brand everywhere than providing essential winter warmers? We’ve highlighted our favourite products that will have your company seen everywhere from the morning commute to the biggest AFL games.


This stylish acrylic scarf comes in a wide range of colour combinations to suit your corporate branding and is sure to be a welcome product for everyone struggling to keep the chill away from their necks. For a more unique product this fleece scarf with pockets is practical and useful, with your logo proudly displayed every time someone wraps themselves up. For a target market with a more formal look, this cable knit scarf is a smarter option that will help your customers dress to impress with business wear or at an outdoor corporate function.


These hats have become a staple of most winter wardrobes, covering heads and ears from the icy-cold air. Some days in winter it can be hard to spot anyone not wearing a beanie on the street, on the ski slopes, at the footy and other sporting events. Why not put your logo on them!? We carry a wide range of beanies from the stylish Nebraska cable knit beanie and the luxury Cardrona Wool Blend Beanie to options in 100% wool and 100% cotton.


We’ve all felt the pain of numb fingers on a cold winter morning, so customers will love your brand for a promotional product like these acrylic gloves to will keep their hands warm all season. If there’s a frustration most of us have with gloves, it’s constantly taking them on and off to use our ever-present smart-phone touch screens. You can help people stay up to date with emails, social media, news (and all the latest cat videos!) with these gloves for touch screens with three special tips on thumb, index finger and middle finger to allow them to keep swiping and clicking while keeping warm.

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