Why outsource your print and design requirements

Aug 2015 Why outsource your print and design requirements


Are you using multiple suppliers for your marketing needs?

We hear time and time again the challenges Marketing and Brand Managers face with managing multiple suppliers for their design and print requirements.

Whether you need to produce a direct mail campaign, a new suite of marketing collateral or a Visual Merchandising concept, all you need is one supplier to let you down with a deadline or quality issue and it can severely impact the critical timing of your marketing initiative, not to mention jeopardise your brand’s reputation.

Outsourcing your print and design requirements to a single solution provider is a proven method that can not only reduce the costs of utilising multiple supplies but provide you with peace of mind and a stress free experience knowing that one supplier is responsible for managing your marketing communication requirements.

The benefits of reducing your marketing communication suppliers to one specialist are many:

We are all familiar with the saying “time is money”. How much time do you spend sourcing quotes for your print, design and promotional merchandise requirements? Then time spent briefing a designer, only to be told by a printer that it doesn’t meet the necessary print specifications? This going back and forth process between suppliers is not only costly in time but can be incredibly frustrating.

Partnering with an experienced integrated marketing supplier will remove this inconvenience by sourcing the quotes for you to your budget with high quality reputable suppliers and liaising with the designers and printers on your behalf.

If you are interested in saving time, cost and minimizing inconvenience by outsourcing your design and print needs, contact us for a chat on 03 9646 2055 or email info@impresspm.com.au


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