Trade Shows – Plan to Stand Out From the Crowd

Mar 2017 Trade Shows – Plan to Stand Out From the Crowd

Exhibiting at a trade show can be a great opportunity to have your brand seen by the masses! When done well, it can produce new sales opportunities and result in increased awareness of your brand.

The key to a successful tradeshow is planning as it can be a time consuming marketing activity.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your commitment.

1. Create a timeline and action plan
As soon you have committed to exhibit at a tradeshow, create a timeline working backwards from the event date; identifying key deadlines for artwork, deliveries, form submissions, promotional requirements and any other pressing deadlines. Include who is responsible for each task and be sure to talk to suppliers to allow enough time for production of any custom items. Having all of this mapped out from the beginning will decrease the chances of missing anything leading up to the show and certainly decrease stress levels!

2. Choose your location wisely
Pick your stand location as early as possible as all of the good spots go quickly! Try to secure a location that will attract a lot of foot traffic and can be seen from a distance. Think about where food and refreshments will be served, where presentations will be held and how the stands are spread out.

3. Get your branding and messaging right
The best way to make a great first impression is to have strong visual branding. If your stand has visual impact visitors won’t be able to help being drawn to find out more. Utilise a professional graphic designer to help with your signage, brochures, posters and advertising to make sure your brand is consistent across all mediums and looks polished. You’ve already invested so much to be a part of the trade show, so seriously consider leaving the visuals to a professional.

4. Have some branded giveaways
Trade show attendees love freebies!! Give them something fun or unique with your brand to remember you by when they next need your services. The item should be relevant to your industry and include a point of contact on it such as your website url. If your target audience is likely to work in an office consider some items that are used every day such as stationery, i.e pens, notepads, sticky notes or desk calendars. If they work in a trade think about something they can use on the job like a tape measure, a drink bottle or a hat. Get creative with your ideas – take a look at our catalogue of over 20,000 items!

5. Offer refreshments or snacks
These events can go for long periods of time, so why not offer visitors to your stand a refreshment or snack? A simple gesture of offering a bottle of branded water will not only be appreciated, but also seen by other attendees of the trade show. This is great opportunity to promote your brand as attendees carrying the branded items will do the work for you! We have seen a client giveaway small wheelie travel cases which dotted the entire expo!

6. Host a competition
A really simple way to collect leads from the event is to host a competition. Have attendees submit their business card to win a prize, or get them to perform a task to keep them engaged at your stand while you collect their details. The prize can be a sample of your product or a free trial of your service, it’s entirely up to you!

7. Do something unique or interactive
To really draw intrigue, do something that gets people to interact. Maybe you could have a photo booth that prints out photos with your branding on it – these would be great for social media exposure. Perhaps you could even have an interactive health check or virtual reality experience that will have people lining up for a turn. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

As we said from the beginning, trade shows don’t need to be overwhelming.

If you have an upcoming trade show we can help! We can assist with your graphic design, printing of brochure collateral and signage as well as source branded promotional items – just ask!

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