Top 5 promotional products you should always have on hand

Sep 2017 Top 5 promotional products you should always have on hand

You never know when you might find an opportunity to use promotional products for building relationships with customers or prospects, making your brand part of their everyday lives. Rather than being reactive and only thinking about branded products and merchandise for events like trade shows, product launches or specific campaigns, it’s wise to keep a stock of promo products on-hand in the office at all times. You’re then well prepared to send every visitor and contact away with your branding in their pocket and a smile on their face. Here are our top 5 picks of versatile, useful and popular promotional products that are easy to store and can spring into action when you need them.


1. Pens

Despite talk of the ‘paperless office’, good old pen and paper doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Any meeting or event can benefit from having a stock of branded pens and they are always a useful promotional item that people will keep. They’re a cost effective option, which makes them a great item to have on standby in the office.


2. Note Pads

Another very useful product for nearly everyone, this promotional item will also go with your customers and targets when they leave, and very likely find a home on their desk or go with them to internal and external meetings. Pages of notes are constantly looked at, and can be shared, along with your brand!


3. Mugs

If there’s one thing most businesses can’t function without, it’s tea and coffee! From the morning caffeine fix to afternoon tea, almost everyone keeps a mug at work and uses it every day. Another great opportunity to get your branding in front of people as part of a genuinely useful and desirable promo product. For those more concerned with hydrating than caffeinating, we also carry a wide range of branded drinks bottles.


4. Business Card Holders

It’s still very common to exchange business cards with new contacts, clients and targets. But how often does your card end up creased and forgotten in a pocket or wallet? Why not go one step further and offer your card, or the cards of several key people in the business, in a smart business card holder. These can be branded and as well as making an outstanding first impression, will continue to be used again and again.


5. Pen Holders and Desk Organisers

Another range of practical, useful promotional products, these will get your brand on the desk of your customers and targets, and more importantly at the front of their mind. Again, these can be branded with your logo or messaging and our recycled pen holder folds flat for easy, space-saving storage in your office.


We can help you ensure you’re always ready to make the most of every opportunity to strengthen your brand and promote your business – check out our site and contact us for a quote!

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