Top 10 Tradeshow Giveaways That Last

May 2017 Top 10 Tradeshow Giveaways That Last

There is a huge array of promotional items available, so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 tradeshow giveaways that people love most; so they’ll keep using them and keep seeing your brand!

1. Pens

Branded pens are a popular giveaway at tradeshows. However, it’s worth asking why a delegate would take your free pen over any other, and whether they’re likely to keep it. You can stand out from the crowd and extend the life of your branding by offering promotional items like an aluminium pen, a pen highlighter duo or a two colour pen.


2. Note Pads

Another very useful item for tradeshow delegates, this promotional item will also go with them when they leave, read their notes from the day and very likely when they use the remaining pages at internal and external meetings. Make it an indispensable favourite with a notepad and pen set.


3. Bags

Another staple tradeshow giveaway, bags are useful on the day for carrying any brochures, leaflets and samples. Again, your brand can stand out from other exhibitors by offering a promo that delegates will keep using. There are a range of options from standard tote bags to cotton bags and drawstring backpacks that will live on long after the show.


4. Keyrings

Everyone has keys so what better opportunity to get your brand seen every day? We carry a range of shapes and styles to suit you. Add extra use-value and appeal to your branded keyring with a torch, flash drive or even a manicure set!


5. Luggage Tags

These promotional items go with people every time they travel for work or leisure. They’ll be looking for your brand as they wait at baggage carousels all over the world. They can be printed with any design or engraved on a metal plate.


6. Drinks Bottles

With a branded, re-useable drink bottle you can offer refreshment on the day and a useful item in their home or office for a long time to come. There is a size and type of drink bottle to suit any giveaway, from plastic bottles with full colour printing, to aluminium bottles, even a bottle with a Bluetooth speaker built in!


7. Air Travel Carry-On Kits

This compact, clear carry-kit helps get through airport security quickly and comes with three small bottles for toiletries and a small spray bottle, all refillable with the funnel included. Your brand’s logo could be flying around the world for years to come.


8. Flash Drives

Always useful for saving, transporting and sharing files, these are sure to be used again and again. You can increase the impact of your branded USB drives with a custom backing, and now credit-card style and Bookmark USBs offer more space for branding on the device itself.


9. Charging Kits

Portable power banks can be a real life saver and become something people don’t leave home without. Among many other options there are pocket sized phone chargers, and power banks (with larger space for photo printing) for phones and tablets.


10. Cooler Bags

For every day lunches to barbeques, picnics, camping and the beach, the cooler bag is always a great piece of kit and is sure to come in useful. There is a huge range of types and styles from low-cost, screen printed coolers to the expandable ‘mega cooler’ bag.

Whatever your industry and your needs, we can help — check out our site and contact us for a quote!

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