Signage for the Urban Garden Espresso Bar

Jul 2015 Signage for the Urban Garden Espresso Bar

The Urban Garden Espresso Bar, found on Bay St. Port Melbourne is a collaborative project between Biofilta and Red Star Roasters.

We were asked to design & produce 3 signs for Biofilta, that are to be used as information boards that promote the Bay Street Eco-Cafe project which had it’s official launch on the 14th July.

The Biofilta FoodwallTM is a modular, vertical garden bed to produce food in a water and space efficient way. FoodwallTM uses the latest in wicking garden bed technology to provide plants with water while leaving the top dry to discourage weeds from establishing. Each row of the FoodwallTM has an adjustable water level setter to increase or decrease water supply by simply turning a handle to meet the watering needs of different types of plants and seasons. By growing vertically, gardeners of all ages can easily walk up to the FoodwallTM and harvest while standing. These features let you grow food at home while saving time to do the things you love, saving space to make the most of what is available and saving water to ensure this precious resource is used sustainably. To find out more on the Biofilta Foodwall visit

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