Our Best Selling Promo Items!

Jun 2017 Our Best Selling Promo Items!

There are a few ever-popular promotional items that we send flying out of our doors consistently. These are the top 5 products that more people rely on to promote their brand and their business again and again.


1. Pens

Despite talk of the ‘paperless office’, the good old pen doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon! This means pens will always be a timeless and useful promotional item where people will see your brand everyday. We have cost effective options which are ideal for large scale promotional giveaways in combination with direct mail promotions or events. Our range covers any budget and strategy, from functional, everyday pens to boxed, engraved writing sets with a premium feel for high-value clients and special promotions.


2. Tote Bags

Tote bags are another cost effective option that offers the benefits of a large print area and a long shelf life. They’ll live on at the supermarket, the office, the gym and the café; on picnics, trips to the beach and anywhere people need a quick, convenient, lightweight bag. These are also a great option for events such as expo’s and conferences to achieve mass brand awareness


3. USBs

As the technology has advanced, USBs have become a very affordable option for an attractive tech promo item that people will always be able to use again and again for storing, transporting and sharing their files. It could be your branded USB they pull out for the slides in their work presentations, to take home files or to present to clients as a token gift uploaded with details of your products and services.


4. Apparel

Branded clothing like t-shirts and polo shirts are a great way to integrate yourself into the lives of your customers and prospects. They are literally wearing your brand! Good quality casual t-shirts are always a popular promotional product particularly for events and public promotions. There’s a huge range of styles and colours to suit any brand identity, with a large print area for eye-catching designs. For a smarter look that people will love wearing on the golf course on any other weekend activity, polo shirts align your brand with comfort and classic style.


5. Water bottles

Re-useable water bottles have become more and more popular in recent years with awareness of the cost and environmental impact of bottled water. People often keep it always within reach, not just at the gym but in the car, at the office and around the house. The inherent benefit of the product, its reuse, is also the benefit to you in terms of choosing a product which will be kept and used repeatedly over years, giving your brand long-term visibility.

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