VM for Cotton On Body!

May 2015 VM for Cotton On Body!

Cotton On Body were looking for a new method of engaging their customers in store. The proposed VM needed to encompass the feel of the brand, being fashionable and reinforcing body confidence in women of all shapes and sizes, as well as remaining seasonally on trend. The VM was required to fit the existing rack wall systems, segment the different styles of product, whilst educating the customer about the apparel in the process.

The Solution: Utilising existing hanger rods, we customised a new welded rack mount. The rack mount enabled a modern powder coated aluminium Fabric Print framing system to to be placed in line with the product. The new VM allowed for easily interchangeable top frames to be mounted, highlighting the various product types, whilst the vertical-mid frames allowed Cotton On Body the capacity to educate their customers on the UVP’s of their products. All frame mounts were designed to be utilised for easily interchangeable Fabric Print Sales messaging as required.

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