New Tech Products – Stand out with Branded Tech!

May 2017 New Tech Products – Stand out with Branded Tech!

When sourcing promotional products, our new range of tech-based merchandise can help your brand stay memorable and ensure your brand is seen on a daily basis.

In recent years we’ve become increasingly reliant on new tech products for everything from communication to entertainment and we are rarely far away from our devices for long. So when thinking about branded products that your customers and prospects will use and see multiple times every day, new tech products are clearly a great option that will become an integral part of their lives. Here are three of the best.

In-Car Phone Holder

Most of us use our phone to find our way on any journey we’re unfamiliar with, especially in the car. The only legal way to use your phone’s GPS while driving is by placing it in a properly designed phone cradle or holder. This practical design simply clips onto any of the car’s air conditioning vents. Your company logo or messaging can be prominently printed on the main body of the holder, with another optional print area on the circular bracket, so your branding is front and centre every time they get in the car.


With streaming services for TV, movies and music becoming a more and more popular way to get our entertainment, we’re also taking our entertainment on the move with smart phones, tablets and laptops. So good quality headphones are a great promotional item that people will love. Our Trinity headphones will show off your brand while giving the ultimate listening experience. They’re foldable for easy portability, so your customers will take your brand with them everywhere. There’s something extra in it for you too, for every order of 100 you’ll also receive a free $50 iTunes gift card so you can enjoy your favourite entertainment!

Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual reality is perhaps the most exciting technological innovation of recent years and your clients and prospects will be amazed when they get the chance to interact with 3D and 360° content using just their smartphone and this promotional product. It will create a real buzz around your brand when people discover they can fly through the solar system, swim with whales, fully immerse themselves in games or watch a concert like they’re in the front row. They’ll be itching to show it to their friends and colleagues, and tell them where they got it!

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