Is your brand invisible?

Feb 2017 Is your brand invisible?

The New Year is here and it’s important to plan ahead and be visible to keep up with competitors and customer’s growing expectations in a fast paced, noisy world.

Think about what you can do to really make your brand stand out!

If your marketing is looking dated; why not start by revamping your branding; this may include updating your logo, stationery and signage to give your business a new face and with it a new perception in the eyes of your potential customers. Happy with your branding? Then draw your attention to your marketing collateral… is the messaging clear on how you can help, is it visually eye-catching, does it make you want to learn more?

Perhaps you may consider a launch event to showcase your new brand, products and services and meet your prospects face to face to foster new relationships.

Looking at the calendar for 2017, what industry events do you have coming up that your brand could represent at. Being present at events happening in your industry well help position your business as a leader or expert in your field.

Ask yourself these questions: Are you being seen? Can you be found? Are you where your potential customers are?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to be seen in 2017!

At Impress Promotions and Marketing, helping our clients stand out is what we do every day. We are experts in Promotions & Marketing with a team of talented designers, modern print capabilities and an impressive range of over 20,000 promotional products to help make your brand memorable.

So whether you need to update your branding, create marketing campaigns, print signage or are looking for quirky promo products to stand out…or even simply have an idea, we can make it a reality!

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