How to build deeper relationships with experiential marketing

Aug 2017 How to build deeper relationships with experiential marketing

Do you want to build strong relationships between your brand and your customers? Then experiential marketing should be a key part of your marketing mix. This is all about providing your customers and targets with a tangible experience which forges a deeper, emotional connection with your brand, products and services. Real-life experiences have a much greater effect on our opinions, and our buying preferences than traditional ‘top-down’ advertising. Whereas traditional advertising tells consumers about products and treats them as a passive receiver, experiential marketing invites them to discover and interact with your brand themselves, creating a much more profound and memorable result. This might include product sampling or demonstrations in stores or shopping centres, interactive experiences at events relevant to your brand and your own special events.

Research by Jack Morton Worldwide looked at 14 product and service categories, with 11 out of 14, consumers saying they preferred to learn about new products and services by experiencing them for themselves or hearing about them from someone they knew. The agency also suggests experiential marketing offers an extended impact, is a great tactic for generating a buzz around your brand and achieving valuable word of mouth promotion. Three-quarters of the consumers surveyed said they would be extremely or very likely to tell others after participating in a live marketing event. Eighty percent of people who had participated in an experiential marketing event in the past also said that they told others about their experience.

Of course, for experiential marketing to be successful, brand recognition is vital. Creating an attractive and engaging space for customer to interact with your brand is all part of providing a memorable and impactful experience. Impress Promotions & Marketing can help with everything you need to achieve this. We are your one-stop-shop for design, print and delivery of all of your marketing events.

We offer a wide variety of banners, flags and signs for visual merchandising and POS. These might be used for general branding or we can design event-specific signage to add to the consumer experience and engagement. Standing banners are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with single or double sided printing. We also provide hanging banners for indoor and outdoor events. Our range of wall banners are a great, high-value option for experiential marketing. This versatile product is provided with stands and an interchangeable satin banner. This means it can be washed and ironed if necessary, and more importantly the graphics and messaging can be easily changed with replacement banners to make every event a special experience that customers will love and engage with.

A tried and tested method of engaging with customers is offering promo items which will add to their experience of your brand and their ongoing relationship with it. With over 20,000 products to choose from we can help you find the right unique branded promo items to complement the theme of any experiential marketing event.

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