Choosing the right promotional items for your brand

May 2017 Choosing the right promotional items for your brand

Choosing the right promotional items for your brand

There are countless promotional items available and it can be difficult to drill down and decide which of them offer the most value to your business and for building your brand. With a few simple questions we can help you get the most marketing miles out of your chosen promo products.

Who is your target?

In order to choose effective promo products, it’s important to first think about the target recipients your brand serves. For instance, how old are they? What is their role in the company? Do they work mainly in an office environment, on the road visiting clients, on-site across various projects? How do they spend their time outside work? Based on those insights, you can better decide what kinds of promotional items will be of value to them and your brand. For instance bold, printed t-shirts tradies can wear on-site might be of more interest to them than a mouse mat, but for CEOs an embossed compendium is more likely to appeal to them position your branding in their lives.

What is your objective?

If you’re looking to increase recognition, branded pens and other office supplies are always a popular option. Within that range, consider what you want to say with your branding – is it no nonsense and practical or more premium? If you want to promote a particular product or service, it is worth considering which promotional items will tie-in to that offering. For instance a calendar can be pre-marked with the launch date and help build anticipation.

Why will they want to use it?

The key to getting marketing value out of promotional items is their usefulness and relevance to the target demographic. The aim is to choose a promo product they will actively want and use, ideally over a long period of time. Branded USB sticks or credit card flash drives are likely to be of particular value to IT professionals, while in-car mobile phone chargers or battery packs might appeal to people who spend a lot of time on the road.

Where and When will they use it?

If you’re investing in promotional items for a specific event, will they be relevant to your brand and the theme of the day? Will they be useful to prospects so they see your branding there and then and also into the future? Trade shows and conferences are often awash with promo products. Bags remain very popular, and are useful throughout the day, but so many companies offer these. Thinking more creatively, you might want to communicate how your brand looks after their customers with branding on personal care products like hand sanitizer, lip balms and lotions, or with a travel mug to help keep them fuelled with coffee all day!

If your brand is more aligned with outdoor events, items like caps, sun-hats or sunglasses might be very welcome, as might sunscreen in branded tubes or pouches. For picnics or barbeques there are blankets and cool bags and that are sure to remain useful, and remain in use, for years to come. If your brand is fun and playful, there are toys and games that can reflect that character. If your brand is more about formal dinner events, a classy option is our range of branded drinks glasses for all the refreshments you’re serving.

Whatever your brand character is, we can help – check out our site and contact us for a quote!

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