5 Tips for creating eye catching POS & visual merchandise

Sep 2017 5 Tips for creating eye catching POS & visual merchandise

Visual merchandising and Point of Sale (POS) is about using print media in the retail environment to maximise your sales. Strategically presenting your products alongside great design helps you to create a unique identity for your business. You can set yourself apart from your competition by making your brand, products or service more attractive, interesting and engaging.

Well-designed visual merchandising makes a good first impression on your potential customers. As an element of your branding, if your products are made to look appealing customers will spend more time and money with you.



1. Catch the customer’s attention

In a crowded retail environment, it’s vital that a POS display catches customers’ attention quickly. A design that goes unnoticed will obviously not increase your sales! A really strong POS display should make people stop to take it in. So bold colours can be beautiful along with fonts that are simple and easy to read.

2. Cut to the chase – what’s the benefit?

It’s important to be clear about the key benefit you want to communicate with your POS display. How will it improve people’s lives? What is it about your product that will turn a browser into a buyer? That might be achieved with some short, sharp, punchy copy or visually with an image of your product being enjoyed in a setting that will resonate with your target market.

3. Keep it simple

With limited time to divert consumer’s attention towards your POS display, it’s best to keep the message simple. What specific action do you want customers to take? This might be as simple as ‘try it today’. It might be calling them to pick up a free trial package or an time-limited introductory offer.

4. Keep it fresh and engaging

POS displays are not a ‘one off’ activity but part of your ongoing branding and marketing strategy. If your visual merchandising remains unchanged and fading it will quickly become part of the background and go unnoticed, or at worst make your brand look old and stale. Keep it fresh and reinvigorate your displays with new designs, new products, special offers or promotions.

5. But keep it consistent

As part of your wider branding and marketing strategy, your POS displays and visual merchandising should always reflect and reinforce your brand values and character. They exist in the retail environment, and are therefore more of a direct and immediate selling tool than other types of advertising, but don’t lose sight of your continued brand building. Especially where, for instance, your product is positioned as a premium option, a POS display which screams ‘cheap and cheerful’ might undermine your wider branding efforts.

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