4 Tips for Tradeshow Success!

Jul 2017 4 Tips for Tradeshow Success!

Tradeshows are a unique opportunity to reach new customers and talk with them face to face, develop quality leads that convert into sales and really communicate the benefits of your product or service offering. However, with other exhibitors competing for attention around you, tradeshows can also mean an expensive and lonely day spent watching the crowds walk past you and wondering what you’re doing wrong. With a little planning, preparation and know-how, we can help you ensure you make the right impression and have your key delegates gathering around you.

Here are our top tips for tradeshow success.

1. Brand your stand

For even the most engaged delegates, tradeshow stands can start to blend in to one another. If they can’t see at a glance who you are, what you do and what your brand offers, they’re likely to keep walking. There is nothing less appealing at a tradeshow than a bland, undistinguished booth. Firstly, talk to the event organisers to find out what exactly what you’ll be provided with, along with the shape and dimensions of your space. Armed with that information, we can help you put together an eye catching, branded display that is uniquely you, and will draw in your potential new customers. We provide a wide range of banners, flags and signs to suit your brand and the needs of the event. For instance, teardrop style banners can be printed single sided or, for maximum brand visibility, double sided. Instead of a bare table, get the professional look of a fitted or throw table cloth for an instant, branded desk. We can offer standard or custom banners and signs to suit any need. One of our most versatile options is the pull up banner with display stand and carry case for easy transport and set-up. Remember, all these branded items are made to last and will see you through every tradeshow you attend.

2. Dress to impress

With your stand itself looking impressive, you and your staff need to look equally professional. Depending on your industry and the event that might mean formal or business casual attire, but there is also an opportunity to brand yourselves with smart printed or embodied shirts and polos, and present a unified team image. Branded badges and lanyards can also help make you identifiable and approachable.

3. Attract a crowd with promotional items

Offering a giveaway which is useful and relevant to your targets will always be a big hit and encourage people to stop and interact with you. We all love free stuff! Branded promo items like pens, stationary, bags and USB sticks are always popular. If you want to get more creative and offer something different, we can provide all sorts of branded merchandise. Check out our top 10 tradeshow giveaways for more great ideas that will attract people to your stand and mean they take your brand home with them!

4. Leave a lasting impression with marketing collateral

Tradeshows are often about making the best first impression on potential customers rather than selling there and then. So it’s important to have impressive marketing collateral that will keep them invested and interested in your business in the days and weeks after the event. Impress Promotions and Marketing have a wealth of experience of producing a wide range of marketing collateral including flyers, brochures, and catalogues as well as banners and event signage.

We offer a full service and we can design, print and deliver all your display and promotional needs. Let us help you prepare for your next tradeshow! Contact us today!

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