10 reasons why you should be using promotional products in your business

Nov 2015 10 reasons why you should be using promotional products in your business

Giving out promotional products is a great way to keep your name in front of clients and prospects and increase brand recognition.
89% of Australian Marketing Managers agree that promotional products increase brand awareness. (Sweeney Research)

The 10 most important reasons to include branded promotional products in your marketing mix are:

1.    Keep your brand front of mind with your customers
2.    Promo items convert more customer than any other media (PPAI survey)
3.    Ice breaker to use to visit prospects & lapsed clients
4.    Use promo items combined with marketing literature to introduce your business and be remembered
5.    Use promo products to launch a new product or campaign
6.    Branded promo items used at tradeshows can increase traffic to your stand by 176%
7.    Research shows that consumers are willing to switch brands in order to receive a free promotional gift
8.    Celebrate a company anniversary or milestone
9.    Thank your customers for their support at year end with a corporate gift
10.People often keep promotional products with 83% enjoying receiving them

Research shows the most effective promo items are:
– USBs
– Pen’s
– Electrical items
– Apparel (t-shirts, polo shirts, caps)
– Drink bottles and mugs

Giving a tangible free gift is one of the best forms of advertising available. People are not going to discard a nice promotional item such as a satchel or engraved pen. The great thing for your business is that every time they use your promotional item, your business is gaining more exposure.

If you are interested in finding out what branded promotional merchandise could be suitable in elevating your brand’s awareness, call or email Impress Promotions & Marketing for suggestions on 03 9646 2055 or email promo@impresspm.com.au

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